Two pendant necklaces with colorful and unique gemstones.

Winston Kaleidoscope

The House of Harry Winston presents the Winston Kaleidoscope Collection, an array of dazzling pendants and exceptional timepieces that are at once works of art and precious jewels.

Bejeweled masterpieces

Inspired by Mr. Winston's masterful balancing of light, color, texture, and dimensionality, the Winston Kaleidoscope Collection lets exceptional gemstones take center stage, replicating the endless beauty that can only be captured through the lens of a kaleidoscope. Set in symmetrical patterns and precisely crafted using a minimum amount of metal to maximize the brilliance of each stone, unique pendants feature center stones in a myriad of colors, from red rubellites to green tsavorites; purple sapphires to aquamarines; and turquoise to tanzanite. Radiating in an exquisite burst of brightness, glowing gemstones and shimmering diamonds create mesmerizing displays of geometrical perfection.

Animation of the inspiration behind the colorful Kaleidoscope pendant.
Pink Rubellite Pendant Necklace
A lively symmetrical motif takes shape as a thrilling pendant in a captivating jewelry design.

Winston Kaleidoscope Timepieces

The collection also features an array of high jewelry and Premier timepiece models, with precious gemstones clustered around the case in a sparkling explosion of color and depth, or arranged on the dial in a compelling kaleidoscope motif. The Winston Kaleidoscope Collection is a one-of-a-kind ode to the perfection of its gemstones and the iconic design heritage of the House.